ORTIMzeit Starter Edition

The entry-level solution for the secure processing of time studies from ORTIM c6 is available. The program contains all basic functions for simple time studies according to the REFA standard. The data exchange has been specially implemented for the device software ORTIM c6. All simple and practical for the beginner or the occasional time study with the smartphone or tablet PC.

Please select your desired product version:

When upgrading to program version 7.2. you will need a new program license. The license is valid for all versions 7.2.x.

Please contact dmc-ortim before installing to renew your license. You can request the license during business hours (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

The program cannot be started without a valid license.

With versions 7.2.x, new functions will be provided at shorter intervals.

ORTIMzeit 7.2.1 Starter Edition

2. April 2024

SHA 256 checksum: 74efb2dabe2f09df5347b9cce1a7c0d80aeb67c29edc2091871dc92d76a15fcf

The installation program contains help files, examples, analysis systems and time category modules for the program languages German and English. The installer can be used to install the program or update an existing installation.

ORTIMzeit 7.2.1 setup instructions

13. March 2024

SHA 256 checksum: e67bfba295bcedf92687490b6b675611ee86448a2012fd03a358596afe1d119b

ORTIMzeit 7.2.1 change log

13. March 2024

ORTIMzeit 7.2.1 Updates

13. March 2024