ORTIMnotes integrates, optimizes and extends proven methods of organizational examination in the form of one easy-to-use system, which calculates such data at a fraction of the costs incurred to date.

ORTIMnotes Roadmap

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When upgrading to program version4.2, you will need a new program license. The license is valid for all versions 4.2.x.

Please contact dmc-ortim before installing to renew your license. You can request the license during business hours (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

The program cannot be started without a valid license.

With versions 4.2.x, new functions will be provided at shorter intervals.

ORTIMnotes 4.2.1

3. April 2024

SHA 256 checksum: 61dd4719a21160a2c88074eae971bcf378947f8c18125a2d7eff823c2676c156

The installation program contains help files, examples and time category modules for the program languages German and English. The installer can be used to install the program or update an existing installation.

ORTIMnotes 4.2 Windows service

30. November 2023

SHA 256 checksum: a04b45425537b681bfa2bba12a4c8afe50efd3a38d118fe8cf5a52517e30ad13

The setup program configures ORTIMnotes as a Windows service. The setup program has to be run on the server on which ORTIMnotes is installed. Additional information are printed in the setup instructions.

ORTIMnotes 4.2.1 setup instructions

29. February 2024

SHA 256 checksum: 0ec20f2b6c2490378a9cacede245e8eb97935a05be4f4a194ca6feab7d3e186c

ORTIMnotes 4.2.1 Change log

29. February 2024

ORTIMnotes 4.2.1 Updates

29. February 2024