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ORTIMmulti Roadmap

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When upgrading to program version 4.2, you will need a new program license. The license is valid for all versions 4.2.x.

Please contact dmc-ortim before installing to renew your license. You can request the license during business hours (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

The program cannot be started without a valid license.

With versions 4.2.x, new functions will be provided at shorter intervals.

ORTIMmulti 4.2.1

3. April 2024

SHA 256 checksum: 3f08f456b9d0e74e7bd742349143d1e7816eea3f4a7ec8579cd0a3415ced6ebe

The installation program contains help files, examples and time category modules for the program languages German and English. The installer can be used to install the program or update an existing installation.

ORTIMmulti 4.2 Windows service

30. November 2023

SHA 256 checksum: 97e5cfee5b010bfdb364df51823bd8ae947d74faed1d7062e5184148dd7c4bc4

The setup program configures ORTIMmulti as a Windows service. The setup program has to be run on the server on which ORTIMmulti is installed. Additional information are printed in the setup instructions.

ORTIMmulti 4.2.1 setup instructions

29. February 2024

SHA 256 checksum: 9db11d1f2ad9bd3f5fc6f2d349090131a14cff4cd7143fe78379485ae5216fad

ORTIMmulti 4.2.1 Change log

29. February 2024

ORTIMmulti 4.2.1 Updates

29. February 2024