ORTIM a6 Windows

ORTIMa6 IconORTIM a6 – The professional data acquisition program for Microsoft Windows Tablets. Ergonomic handling with high functionality in all areas of application: Time study – distribution time study – planning time.

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When upgrading to program version 2.5, you will need a new program license.

Please contact dmc-ortim before installing to renew your license. You can request the license during business hours (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

The program cannot be started without a valid license.

ORTIM a6 Windows 2.5

13. March 2024

SHA 256 checksum: 13a2bb2be955d5e0bcbd97180e85b819298a3771fc7cfbfe3b2745d4997f05a4

ORTIM a6 Windows 2.5.0 is compatible with ORTIMzeit from version 7.2.1.

ORTIM a6 Windows 2.5 Setup Instructions

26. February 2024

SHA 256 checksum: 776647dfef412aeeccfd92cfc7f0f9ba8122e77748d699161ef06818c5b35940

ORTIM a6 Windows 2.5 Change log

27. February 2024